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Hi my name is Dan.


I love music; it's powerful, it's memorable, it's fuel for the soul. I love that feeling you get when you hear your favourite tune, forget all your worries and remember the good times. It’s this reason I got into DJing, I get that same feeling when I'm mixing and playing everybody else’s favourite tune, I get such a buzz when I see people dancing, it’s like my music collection holds a memory for each and every person.


Growing up in Kent, I listened to all sorts of music, my favourite radio show was the Pepsi Chart on Sunday. I can remember recording a mini chart show myself, on good old magnetic tape.

I was also exposed to Motown, Funk, Soul, 70's & 80's Disco, and Jazz (thanks Dad). I love this music, it's great for parties and it has a big influence on my favourite music today, House.


House music started in the summer of love 88/89 and has continued to grow, separating into sub-genres in recent years.  For me House is more than just audible music, it’s a feeling - a mind and body experience! When I listen to house music I feel the joy, I feel the nostalgia, I feel the rhythm, I feel the sensation of the beat pumping through me. House music can be enjoyed by anyone, it doesn't have a 'target' audience.  House can be mellow enough to sooth itself into the walls of a bar as background music -  but equally pumping enough to fill the main room at a nightclub.  It has the ability to get people to leap from their seat saying "I’ve GOT to go and dance to this!”. It heightens the senses, it brings joy, it brings love and most of all it brings happiness!

That’s what I'm about - happiness.  I love bringing happiness to a party, be it a wedding, a club, a pub or even 10 people in a converted shed (yes, I really have done that!) For me - bringing happiness to other people is what life is all about - its like giving a gift.  When I play my music, I feel I can pass my happiness on to each and every person who hears their song.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I am passionate about music and making people happy.  Please feel free to browse around the rest of the website and if you have any queries we will be more than happy to help.


After all it’s for the music, it’s for the fun, it’s for you!


Much love X



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